Innovative radiotherapy technique done first time in Tricity

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 Innovative radiotherapy technique done first time in Tricity

Powering Precision in Cancer Care: Extracorporeal Bone Irradiation

In its quest to provide the multidisciplinary care to the patients diagnosed with cancer, Max Super Specialty Hospital, Mohali proudly announces the delivery of Extracorporeal Radiotherapy (ECRT) in malignant bone tumors for limb preservation.

The goal of treatment in primary bone tumors includes local disease control and survival and preservation of limb function.  The limb preservation can be achieved by performing a reconstruction using either prosthesis or a graft. Another method is to reimplant the same bone itself after sterilizing it. The major advantage is the precise anatomical fit of the bone segment and preservation of joint mobility. Extracorporeal radiotherapy involves resection of the tumor and the involved bone, delivery of a high dose of radiation extracorporeally in single sitting and bone reimplantation.

Department of Radiation Oncology performed this specialised form of radiation in two such cases in last six months, one of the first in the Tricity region. The first patient is a 15 year old boy, a diagnosed case of right tibial Osteosarcoma and the other a 23 year old gentleman diagnosed with left ulnar Osteosarcoma. Both patients were operated upon by Orthopedic Oncologist and the ECRT was delivered by Dr.Sajal Kakkar to a dose of 50Gy in single fraction using 6MV X-rays under aseptic precautions. After the procedure the bone segment was re- implanted.

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Dr Sajal
Dr Sajal Kakkar was born in one of the holiest places in the county, i.e. Haridwar in 1979. His father is an Engineer, who superannuated from BHEL Steel plant, while mother a homemaker. Being brought up in a multi-cultural and multi-lingual township, he developed a broad outlook to life since beginning.

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